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Why you should watch the 'Flash' premiere (even if you did already)

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The Flash
Cate Cameron/The CW

There are a number of people who have already seen Tuesday’s series premiere of The Flash. Months before its debut, a leaked copy hit the internet, and then Warner Bros. screened it at Comic-Con. But there’s a very good reason why viewers should still tune in Tuesday night.

“If you saw the pilot illegally, you have to still watch,” executive producer Greg Berlanti pleads with a hearty laugh. “[There are] three extra minutes!”

All jokes aside, The CW’s new super series picks up months after Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was in a freak accident that turned him into the fastest man alive during last season’s Arrow. “Even though it is a spin-off, you don’t need to have watched a minute of Arrow to enjoy the Flash pilot,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says.

“Or have ever watched a superhero show period,” adds DC Comics chief Geoff Johns. “It really gets you in through the characters. It’s a character drama that happens to be a superhero show. The best superhero stories are metaphors for other emotional journeys that just put this glitz and glamor on top of it to make it fun.”

But for those who are comic-book fans, the show embraces superhero lore, so the pilot alone is chock-full of Easter eggs and nods to the rest of the DC universe. (Check back after the premiere to get some answers in that regard.) “We were saying on the set, it’s the most DC DC thing ever,” Kreisberg jokes.

The Flash debuts Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.