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Watch Gene pitch a 'Die Hard' musical in the 'Bob's Burgers' premiere

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Die Hard or Working Girl? That’s the kind of question that plagues the young students at Wagstaff School, and Gene Belcher is in the middle of all of it in this exclusive clip from this Sunday’s season-five premiere of Bob’s Burgers.

The episode finds Wagstaff’s pupils competing to pitch up with what they think should be the big fall musical this year. Gene is set on adapting Die Hard, the movie’s Christmas setting be damned. But his confidence is shattered when he finds out that his “thunder thief” and once-lover Courtney is pitching Working Girl—or as he calls it, “the sassy sister film to Die Hard.”

Needless to say, things get tense and keyboard insults are hurled. Take a look at Gene and Courtney’s dueling musicals in the exclusive Bob’s Burgers clip below.

Obviously, we all want to see how that situation plays out—and showrunner Loren Bouchard was happy to provide us with some intel. Gene does end up getting his show on the stage—just not the stage he had in mind. “It’s a secret guerrilla production of Die Hard the Musical that takes place down in the boiler room,” Bouchard tells us. “It’s a musical battle, he’s up against her Working Girl the Musical. So Gene directs Die Hard, stars in it, and even learns lessons from it.”

As for the rest of the season, there’s plenty to talk about. “Bill Hader is coming back in kind of a funny episode, because he’s going to play Bob’s dad in our Christmas episode,” Bouchard says. “We’ll get to flashback a little bit and see kind of how Bob’s Burgers got to happen. It’s a little big of an origin-story episode.”

“There’s two critical flashbacks,” he continues. “We go all the way back to, like, 30 or 25 years ago. And then we also go back about 15 years ago, and you see these two arguments that explain Bob’s pretty bad relationship with his dad, and why they need to resolve it. It involves a little bit of Christmas magic and this gay bar that’s next door to Bob’s dad’s restaurant—and they reunite.”

H. Jon Benjamin, who of course voices Bob himself, sees it as an educational experience. “We don’t know where Bob’s from, even,” Benjamin mused. “I guess ‘Belcher’ is of English origin? The guy from the old country who burps a lot? Or the king’s burper—the guy who helps the king belch.”

Elsewhere in the season, Bouchard says one highlight to look forward to is Sarah Baker’s turn in “our version of Tinker Tailor Solider Spy. It’s Tina Tailor Soldier Spy, in which she kind of goes undercover in her [Girl Scouts-like] organization to find out who’s giving away the cookie leads. It’s also kind of like Glengarry Glen Ross.”

Safe to bet it is. Tune in to Bob’s Burgers this Sunday at 7:30pm ET on Fox to get Die Harder‘d by Gene’s wonderful singing voice.