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'Revenge' star Emily VanCamp talks season 4

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Danny Feld/ABC

For Revenge fans who watched that season 3 finale and yelled at your TV some variation of “what the hell?”, you’re not alone: Star Emily VanCamp had the same reaction.

When VanCamp talked to EW Radio’s Julia Cunningham about the ABC retribution drama’s fourth season which kicks off tonight at 9 p.m. she said season 3’s revelation that David Clarke was, after all this time, alive was a decision former showrunner Mike Kelley was “absolutely” against.

But she says she “can’t blame” current executive producer Sunil Nayar, who decided to switch directions, especially after the rollercoaster that was season 3. “We needed to drive this story. Revenge is a very hard theme to continue on for four seasons,” she said. “I’m really impressed with how they’ve handled it all. … If I’m invested and all the other people and actors actors and crew are invested, it’s a good sign.”

Van Camp also teases what’s in store for Emily’s love life  including what becomes a “hilarious” relationship with Daniel and whether or not she could rekindle the flame with childhood love Jack and whether or not she thinks Emily’s gone too far in her revenge on the Graysons.


Take a listen below: