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'Big Brother' winner: Season finale crowns new houseguest

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UPDATE: My full recap is live! After 97 days, a million alliances, and that moment when you realized that Victoria was going to make it to the Final Three, the 16th season of Big Brother has reached its senses-shattering conclusion. Since everyone from the Jury to Julie Chen to the narrator seemed to realize that Victoria wouldn’t triumph, it all came down to the Hitmen. Would the winner be Derrick, the puppet master who never went on the block? Or Cody, the Travolta-lookalike who functioned as Derrick’s sidekick/ally/blunt instrument?

Well, the winner has been crowned…

…and the winner is…


Derrick won the final vote, capping off one of the greatest strategy runs in the history of Big Brother. Never nominated for eviction, never making any openly aggressive moves, never revealing to his closest ally that he was a member of secret chaos squad Team America, and never revealing to anyone that he was an undercover cop by trade, Derrick seemed to be inventing an entirely new way of playing the game. Call it The Man Who Wasn’t There.

My full recap is now live. And if you have any thoughts you’d like to share about the season, email me at darren_franich@ew.com, and I’ll respond in an edition of the Entertainment Geekly Mailbag!

In conclusion: Victoria.

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