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Katharine McPhee boasts explosions, cool hairstyles on 'Scorpion'

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CBS’s new genius-crimefighter procedural, Scorpion, centers on eccentric prodigy Walter O’Brien (Elyes Gabel), who touts a 197 I.Q. (Einstein’s was only 165—so claims the show’s promo.) While O’Brien and his beehive of geniuses work together to save the world, Katharine McPhee plays Paige, a waitress and single mother of a prodigy who becomes a translator for the socially awkward group.

For a new EW feature called “The Pitch,” we asked McPhee to try her darnedest to explain Scorpion’s appeal for a variety of hypothetical audiences, ranging from Wisconsin moms to venture capitalists in Silicon Valley—although McPhee is confused as to what venture capitalists actually do. Aren’t we all, Katharine…aren’t we all.

Scorpion premieres Monday, Sept. 22 at 9 pm ET on CBS.