Dalton Ross
September 18, 2014 at 02:44 PM EDT

Each week after every eviction, host Julie Chen will answer a few of EW’s burning questions about the latest episode of Big Brother.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Well, a very different exit this time around as opposed to the one the night before with Frankie. What did you sense with Caleb when he walked out —  just utter shock?

I think he was shocked and embarrassed and confused. But I think the thunderous applause took over and he was enjoying the attention. Good for him. I am sure he was hurt and felt played. 

Caleb did so well in challenges but was also so easily manipulated. Do you think the jury would have respected his game had he made it to the end?

I think the jury would have appreciated his ability to win competitions and his honesty. That would have gone a long way with a lot of jurors. No one on jury dislikes him. They also would credit him for never going against his word. He was loyal and truthful.

What do you think, Julie: Any chance Derrick or Cody take each other to the finals instead of Victoria seeing as how sitting next to her is pretty much a guaranteed win?

Derrick knows either way he wins. And Cody is not a snake and would not stab his big brother Derrick in the back. Not his style. Not in his nature. He’d be happy to go home 50 grand richer.


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