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Gedächtnis Esser
The part-octopus monster has four tentacles that burrow into its victim’s head. If that isn’t lousy enough, the creature steals your memories and leaves you with dementia. ”Our best Wesen ideas come when we have an emotional core that explains something in life,” says exec producer Jim Kouf. ”In this case, identity theft.”

We’re starting to suspect these names are taken from German microbrews, but Kouf says this one’s a bull-like Wesen. On the show, he’s a peaceful boxer…until pushed. ”When a bull is brought into a ring, it doesn’t necessarily want a fight. It requires being hit by picadors to get mad — this Wesen requires the same.”

”How do you explain people who are only out for themselves and do anything to achieve a goal?” asks exec producer David Greenwalt. If you answered, ”By calling them a Schinderdiv,” then you are correct! This is your basic demon beast with long-bottom fangs.

The producers are cheating a little, as the golem is not a Wesen but a creature from Jewish folklore. Made of clay and 10 feet high, the golem is created to protect the meek but is dangerous when you try to control it. ”The twist with our golem is how it gets destroyed,” Kouf teases. Our bet: industrial-size pottery wheel. Oct. 24