Lisette M. Azar/CBS
Dalton Ross
September 07, 2014 at 01:16 PM EDT

The ultimate Big Brother alliance was formed on Friday when former players Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd got engaged in the Big Brother backyard and then celebrated with this season’s current crop of contestants. (Sadly, neither the Zingbot nor Otev made an appearance. Nor was Mr. PEC-tacular around for this particular bit of Big Brother history. Still stuck in Pandora’s Box perhaps?)

The ultimate BB reality showmance moment — with apologies to Mike Boogie’s season finale proposal to Krista back in season 2 —will air on tonight’s episode (and will include country star Brett Eldredge performing for the happy couple. Take that, Sheryl Crow!) But you can get an exclusive sneak peek right here and right now. Watch Jeff trick Jordan into thinking she’s taking part in a competition. Watch Jeff tell Jordan, “Five years ago we met here, so I wanted to come full circle.” And then watch Jeff drop to one knee.

Jeff & Jordan met during season 11 (which Jordan won and in which Jeff introduced us to the joys of “technotronics”) and then came back to compete again on both the thirteenth season of Big Brother as well as The Amazing Race. Now they are back to where it all began, and you can see it begin in the video player below. HOORAY FOR LOVE!

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