Neil Davidson
Melissa Maerz
September 05, 2014 AT 04:00 AM EDT

God Help the Girl

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Stuart Murdoch
Indie Rock

We gave it a B

The word twee conjures up visions of puppies, cardigans, and young folks who probably aren’t good at football. This musical from Belle & Sebastian‘s Stuart Murdoch features all three, but the witty songwriting saves it from being too cute. The story follows Eve (Emily Browning) as she forms a band with James and Cass (Olly Alexander and Hannah Murray), searching for an outlet for her depression. Inspired by the French New Wave, every shot looks like an indie album cover, and if the plot seems thin, that might be Murdoch’s point: Every life deserves its own musical, even (especially) the ordinary ones. (Also on iTunes and VOD) B

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