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Ask Dalton

Should questionable taste in movies be a deal breaker, ladies? Must ”Doctor Who” fans be forced to socialize with non-Whovians? EW’s own Mr. Manners has the answers

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Should I break up with somebody who doesn’t like my favorite movie…which happens to be Pulp Fiction? I mean, come on… —Monika (@OPTIONSFORMONI)
I’m not gonna lie: This is concerning. Pulp Fiction is one of the most groundbreaking movies of the past 20 years. That said, you can overcome this egregious error in taste. The list of films my wife refuses to see is absolutely infuriating. It includes: anything with a chase scene, anything in outer space, anything scary, anything with explosions, anything with anyone wearing any sort of law enforcement uniform. Oh, also…cowboy hats. That’s right — movies with cowboy hats have been banned in our house. Can we acknowledge how crazy that is? (Cowboys & Aliens is, like, my wife’s worst nightmare. Mine too, actually, come to think of it.) But you know what? We make it work. So what if Evil Dead 2 isn’t streaming on many — okay, make that any — date nights? So what if I have been forced to endure repeated viewings of The Notebook, which as far as I can tell is the only film ever produced that meets all of her very specific criteria? My wife is awesome. Terrible taste in movies, sure, but still — awesome. As long as your boyfriend excels in other areas, this deficiency can be overlooked. No one should eat Royales With Cheese all by their lonesome.

Who’s required to leave the room when a Doctor Who discussion starts — the one non-Whovian in the group or everyone else? —Michael (@mkramer105)
I’m sorry, is this a trick question? Some sort of variation on the old Abbott and Costello ”Who’s on First” routine, perhaps? Or could it be a trap laid out with the sole purpose of besmirching the reputation of the entire Ask Dalton column? Because I’ve spent way too much time analyzing your tweet backward and forward, Michael, and I’m pretty sure that no matter which way this scenario that you presented above plays out, the end result is essentially the same: one dude who has never watched Doctor Who hanging out by himself. I mean, I guess if all the Doctor Who fans leave, then the one non-Whovian technically wins the room, but it’s a Pyrrhic victory. Everyone else is just in…another room. And isn’t that new room kinda the place to be now? I’m not exactly sure what sort of chicanery you’re pulling here, Michael. Knock it off before I send an army of Weeping Angels after you.

Is it OK to pre-watch a show you’re planning to watch with friends later in the week if you just can’t wait? —Anthony (@anlopez)
You’ve backed yourself into a corner with this one, Anthony. Yes, you are permitted to pre-watch a show you were supposed to enjoy later with friends. HOWEVER!!! You are now subject to a stringent set of rules designed to make sure your solitary viewing in no way negatively impacts the communal experience of the group. You are hereby forbidden from reacting to a single thing you see until after everyone else in the party has had a chance to register their thoughts. Any such utterances of ”This next scene is so awesome!” or ”OMG, you are totes not going to believe what happens next!” — incidentally, I have no idea why I just transformed your syntax into that of a teenage girl — before those televised events occur shall result in the immediate revocation of all future invitations to group viewing parties. So unless you want to get banned from that Walking Dead season-premiere bash and have to return the Daryl Dixon costume and crossbow you saved up all summer to buy, keep the commentary in check.

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