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'Firewatch' trailer presents a somber, tense, and lonely mystery

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It sounds almost like a novel: In the wilderness of Wyoming, a man named Henry takes a job as a fire lookout to get away from a mess of a personal life. But then something strange draws him from his lookout tower and into the woods, with only one person on the other end of a radio tethering him to the rest of the world.

That’s the premise behind upcoming video game Firewatch, which was publicly shown off for the first time at last weekend’s PAX Prime convention in Seattle. Developed by Campo Santo, a studio composed of developers who worked on excellent games like The Walking Dead and Mark of the Ninja, Firewatch‘s first trailer hits all the right notes: a great premise, a distinct art style, and a strong emotional hook. A first-person mystery with no combat, much of the tension will derive from the choices the player makes as Henry, and how they will strengthen or ruin the only relationship the player has: with Delilah, the voice at the other end of the radio.

Firewatch is expected to arrive in 2015 on PC, Mac, and Linux.