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Donny of 'Big Brother' says 'Team America voted me out'

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Big Brother Donny
Cliff Lipson/CBS

They no longer have to fear the beard. 42-year-old groundskeeper Donny Thompson was evicted from the Big Brother house last night, voted out unanimously by his housemates — even fellow Team America members Derrick and Frankie. How does the fan favorite feel about his time in the game, why did he tear up at the very end, and does he blame Team America for his ouster? We slipped some questions to Donny on his way to the jury house, and here’s what he had to say about all of that and more.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First off, seven times on the block, Donny! Why do you think they kept putting you up?

DONNY: I was probably a target 3 or 4 of the times, but with the Battle of the Block twist, the same people were put up every time so the HOHs didn’t get as much blood on their hands. So it was easy to put me up because I had been put up before.

EW: You did great in the competitions, even though you were older than all the other contestants. What was your secret?

DONNY: Slow and steady wins the race!

EW: You were crying when talking to Julie after being eliminated. What was it that made so emotional?

DONNY: Well, it was an accumulation of things. The house makes you emotional. I had just viewed my brother complimenting me on national television. And after I was evicted, people like Nicole and Cody embraced me. And then the unknown of an audience made me a little emotional, too. The way the audience responded made me emotional because I knew I was perceived in a positive way.

EW: Do you feel like Team America members Derrick and Frankie abandoned you?

DONNY: 100%. To know that America voted for the three of us together, should have told us we should work together. That was a little bit of outside information that America liked us and wanted us to work together. I understand making it to final three might have been impractical, but I think we should have gone further together as a team. I know they could have swayed the votes to save me. Basically Team America voted me out.

EW: Speaking of Team America, do you think you all deserved the $5,000 and apple pie for that self-directed mission of doing the house play? I have to say, it was kind of weak.

DONNY: I kind of predicted that Frankie would want to do a play, so I just laughed when he first brought it up. I think America would have liked my mission to keep all three Team America members safe and we might have all gotten the $5,000.

EW: Everyone seemed to really like you personally, but you didn’t appear to be in any solid alliance. Why is that?

DONNY: I wanted to make it past the first vote and just be likeable. I didn’t want to approach anyone about an alliance in case they couldn’t keep their mouth shut and told everyone, making me a target. I wanted alliances to come to me. And they did, but there was never enough people to combat the big alliance.

EW: Who do you think at this point is running the house?

DONNY: I think Frankie, Derrick and Christine, with Frankie being the main leader.

EW: Obviously anyone who does not win will have some sort of regret about the way they played. What’s your biggest regret, Donny?

DONNY: As of right now, I can’t think of anything that would have kept me in there any longer besides winning competitions, but you can’t control that.

EW: What are your thoughts on appearing on The Bold and The Beautiful?

DONNY: I am flattered and honored that they would choose someone like me to be on it. I wanted to be likable when I got out of the house, so to have another show wanting me to be a guest, it made me feel great.

EW: Which are you, Donny: more bold or beautiful?

DONNY: I would definitely say bold!