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The Fever

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THE FEVER Megan Abbott

The Fever

Current Status:
In Season
Megan Abbott
Little, Brown and Company

We gave it a B+

After her best friend Lise falls from her seat in math class convulsing and foaming at the mouth, Deenie is understandably concerned. But when her other BFF Gabby has a similar episode in the middle of an orchestra concert, Deenie suspects she might be the next victim — or worse, the cause. Other girls in their clique begin exhibiting similar mysterious symptoms, and once iPhone videos of them having fits hit YouTube and then the news, hysteria sweeps their suburban community. Adults are quick to name culprits, including HPV vaccinations, toxic pond water, and plain old female trouble, but the answer seems to lie in the complicated friendships and unspoken rivalries among the afflicted. Throughout, Abbott grounds the story in unsettling realism — the characters sound and act like real adolescents with real problems. But it’s the final act, marked by a gothic, deeply weird twist, where the fever gets you, too. B+