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The Internet Cat Video Festival will be livestreamed on Animal Planet

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Walker Art Center
Walker Art Center

Animal Planet has announced in a press release that it will set up a livestream of the third annual Internet Cat Video Festival, which will take place at the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis on August 14. Presumably, the thinking goes something like this: “Hey viewers, we heard you like watching videos of cats on the internet, so we’re going to have a festival for videos of cats on the internet and then stream our own video of cats—made from other videos of cats on the internet—on the internet.”

Just as Cannes has the Palme d’Or and Sundance has Grand Jury Prizes, the Internet Cat Video Festival has its own highest honor: the Golden Kitty Award, which acts as a people’s choice award for the best cat video in the competition. (See the list of this year’s nominees here.)

For context, the first two Golden Kitty winners were Henri 2, Paw de Deux:

And The Original Grumpy Cat:

Animal Planet’s stream will be available at AnimalPlanet.com/CatVidFest starting at 7 p.m. Animal Planet’s release promises that the channel will be on the lookout for cat celebrities, but will Grumpy even show? Has she gotten too big for the festival circuit now that she has a movie deal? Many, many questions remain.