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Sound Bites: August 8, 2014

Memorable lines from ”True Blood,” ”Hercules,” and more

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”I’m literally a different person now…. My name is Noomi.” —Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp), explaining her change of heart, on True Blood

”My God, I hope my next husband is this rich.”
”Well, you are free to marry him as soon as my second wife graduates high school.” —Lina (Judy Greer) and Russ (Nat Faxon), attending an engagement party at an acquaintance’s lavish home, on Married

”My friends call me GroboCop.” —Josh Groban, hosting Rising Star

”You know, it actually can happen.” —Tara Reid to GQ on the possibility of a sharknado

”I am Hercules!” —Hercules (Dwayne Johnson) in Hercules

”I am everywhere.” —Lucy (Scarlett Johansson), on her superhuman abilities acquired from a synthetic drug, in Lucy

”If they ask, ‘Who signed the Emancipation Proclamation?’ I’ll say, ‘Daniel Day-Lewis.”’ —Caleb (Tyler Blackburn), on winging his final exams, on Pretty Little Liars

”Someone invented piecrust in a box? How is that not on the cover of The New York Times?” —Liza (Olivia Williams), grocery shopping, on Manhattan

”Nothing makes u feel mor like a rock star than entering #sdcc via freight elevator.” —Dean Norris, tweeting from San Diego Comic-Con

”Quick question: Can I deduct my Brazilian wax from my taxes?” —Aubrey Plaza (Aubrey Plaza), trying to get advice from her former money manager Bruce (Greg Poehler), on Welcome to Sweden