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'Big Brother': Julie Chen defends Donny's big Team America decision

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Each week after every eviction, host Julie Chen will answer a few of EW’s burning questions about the latest episode of Big Brother.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We had another unanimous vote this week as Amber was evicted. There have been a lot of unanimous or near unanimous votes this season. What is it about the house dynamic this year that has led to so much consensus?

JULIE CHEN: The house is being run by men who intimidate the women and those that are not in their alliance. No one is willing to put a target on their back and no one is strong enough to start forming an alliance against the Detonators. It’s pure intimidation. It started out as brawn that intimidated everyone — i.e. Devin and Caleb — and it morphed into the other men in the Bomb Squad running the house now:  Derrick, Zach, Frankie, and Cody.  

EW: What do you think of Donny declining America’s mission for him to vote against the house and then blame two other people. Did he make the right decision to help protect his game or should he have accepted the challenge?

CHEN: Donny absolutely made the right decision by not fulfilling Team America’s wish/mission. He would have destroyed his game and the truth would have eventually come out. Then everyone would have targeted him next.

EW: Who do you think is playing the best game to this point so far? My choice is Frankie, who seems to be excelling in the social, strategic, and competition aspects of the game. But Derrick seems super sly as well. What say you, Julie?

CHEN: I say Derrick is playing the best game. He is running the house and has zero blood on his hands. He doesn’t even need to win competitions to get what he wants done. People trust him and like him. He is calm and clever.  He is not a trouble maker and he doesn’t let his emotions rule his game.