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Buffalo Clover unveils slow-burning ballad 'Hey Child'

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Buffalo Clover

Buffalo Clover is a Southern six-piece that blends vintage rock and soul influences in a way that makes them sound sort of like the Band, if instead of breaking up after The Last Waltz the Band had just turned the whole guest-star-filled soiree into an ongoing supergroup. On August 12, the group is releasing two albums, a studio record called Test Your Love and a live album called Live at Five recorded at Nashville’s The Five Spot.

The former album will feature “Hey Child,” a smoldering soul ballad dedicated to a child that the group’s founders and primary songwriters, Margo Price and Jeremy Ivey, lost to a rare heart condition soon after he was born in 2010.

“‘Hey Child’ was written shortly after the death of our son, Ezra,” Price writes in an email. “We were both experiencing feelings of anger and grief, which in turn, led to depression and self-medication. Many of our friends at the time were also walking down the wrong path in many different directions. The song was a message to them as well as ourselves, and a wake-up call to get it together.”