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'Hannibal' creator Bryan Fuller: Expect 'mayhem' in season 3

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As creator Bryan Fuller puts it, the last season of Hannibal “ended with everybody bleeding, and Hannibal dropping the mic and walking out,” but the next season is about to get even more intense. At EW‘s Comic-Con hideout, Fuller offered some hints about the next season, including clues as to how the series will incorporate Hannibal and Dr. Du Maurier back to the rest of the characters, and talked about the various Alien collectibles he’d like to pick up in San Diego. The big prize? Sigourney Weaver, who Fuller admitted he’d love to sign for a spot on the show.

Fuller had more to saw on EW Radio, where he talked about the novel Red Dragon, which introduced the character of Hannibal Lecter to the world before The Silence of the Lambs. He admitted that season three will get into the plot of Red Dragon, and talked about how he first got interested in the “really screwed up heterosexual male relationship” at its core.

And if that isn’t enough Hannibal, then check out EW‘s exclusive look at last season’s gag reel.