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'Big Brother': Julie Chen on Zankie showmance, Cody's 'wrong move'

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Julie Chen
Cliff Lipson/CBS

Each week after every eviction, host Julie Chen will answer a few of EW’s burning questions about the latest episode of Big Brother.

Between Cody’s will-he-or-won’t-he nomination, Frankie’s tragic news, Brittany’s hanging toenails, Donny’s gentle eyes, Jocasta’s dumb bowties, Hayden and Nicole’s hook-up (finally), and Derrick’s heroic—and perhaps very savvy—throwing of the HoH competition, there was a lot going on this week in the world of Big Brother. Thankfully, Julie Chen is here to help take some of the mystery away. 

EW: If you were Cody, would you have taken the opportunity to put an unpredictable player like Caleb on the block? Or do you support Cody’s decision?

JULIE CHEN: Cody made the wrong move by not putting up Caleb.  He had his chance, he had support from Zach, he would not have been alone.  He has to do what’s good for his game not everyone else’s.  Caleb’s feelings for Amber will make Caleb go after Cody if given the chance and I think Cody will later regret not getting rid of Caleb.  Cody had the numbers on his side this week. He probably would have gotten the following votes to vote out Caleb over Brittany:








And Caleb would not have been on jury either.  He caved to pressure from Derrick and Frankie.

Why were Brittany’s kids readily on hand for eviction? Given that she was up against Donny, was it just that clear that she was definitely going home? (I mean, it totally was.)

Brittany is local so it wasn’t hard to have her kids come to the live show. Plus all the houseguests told us in diary room their plans of voting her out.

Fans online have dubbed Zach and Frankie as the runaway stars of the live feed, but we haven’t seen much of their “showmance” on air since the second week. What is it about their chemistry that fans are so taken with, and will we get to see more of them together?

The chemistry between Frankie and Zach is wonderful to watch. It’s like no other bromance we’ve seen. It’s part Will and Boogie and yet at times you wonder if it could turn into a showmance.  Frankie is extremely likable. He’s funny, smart and adorable. Zach is a character. He’s outspoken, bold, funny, good looking and enjoys being a bit obnoxious. Together they are very watchable.