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Survey finds gender pay gap in games industry narrower than US average

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Pay Gap
Jason Doiy/Getty Images

A recent industry survey of game developer’s salaries has found that the wage gap between genders is narrower than the national average.

Conducted by industry publication Gamasutra, the survey was conducted in May 2014 and covered the entirety of 2013, with 4,000 participants. The survey found that men working salaried jobs in the games industry make an average of $85,074 annually. For women, the average annual salary was $72,882—that’s 86 cents on the dollar.

Of course, the wage gap between genders widened or narrowed depending on what position was being considered. Designers have the smallest gap, with women making 94 cents for every dollar men make, and audio professionals the largest—68 cents on the dollar. The outlier is in Quality Assurance, where women make four cents more than men on average. It’s also the lowest-paid job of those surveyed.

In contrast, the national average for the workforce at large has women earning 77 cents for every dollar earned by men, according to the White House.

Also worth considering: representation. The survey found that for each of the positions surveyed, producers—those responsible for keeping a project on track—had the highest percentage of women, with 22 percent. By contrast, only 5 percent of programmers and engineers were women.

The entire survey is worth a read, not just for those interested in how much game developers make, but for a glimpse into what it’s like to make games professionally. You can download the PDF here.