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Gif guide: Aviva's leg-gendary 'Real Housewives of New York' flip-out

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Real Housewives Of New York

It was the moment to which the Real Housewives of New York had been walking up all season: A prosthetic leg abandoned on a floor, a room aghast.

On Tuesday’s RHONY finale, cast member Aviva Drescher—who lost half of her left leg in a childhood accident—found herself under fire for allegedly faking illness to flake on group vacations, being too dependent on her husband, and possibly suffering from Münchausen syndrome. Outnumbered five to one, Aviva could barely get in a word edgewise (which says a lot when you’re the cousin of Fran Drescher).

So the Leggy Blonde did this:

It was the much-touted crescendo of an already wackadoodle season that saw Ramona Singer hurl a wine glass at newbie Kristen Taekman’s head (from a canoe! direct hit!), an episodes-long brouhaha between Aviva and Carole Radziwill about ghostwriting (people are literary in New York, y’all), and [insert anything Sonja Morgan ever does, says, or interprets through burlesque here]. A few questions must be asked, and a few answers will be ventured:

Who was she wearing?

Jimmy Choo. Only the best when you’re being utterly socially inappropriate, darlings.

What the heck took so long?

The incident’s been promoted since the beginning of this season, and Aviva’s been on RHONY for two spins around the dance floor now. Did her complete lack of relevance this year finally force the issue? Or is she planning to retire after season 6—and wanted to quite literally put it all on the table in her final scene? (A conservative bettor would probably venture that it was the former explanation, though only time will tell.)

Was Aviva’s outburst the craziest thing ever to happen on the franchise—perhaps in the entire Housewives-verse?

No stranger to drama, Aviva has been in some of RHONY‘s most knock-down-drag-out fights (it takes a woman with serious brass to call Sonja “white trash” and to inspire Ramona to beg for calm… or, you know, shriek, “Take a Xanaaaaaaaax!”). And of course RHOC O.G. Vicki Gunvalson presumably caused an avalanche on that ski trip when she was confronted about her supposed business trip threesome. That said, I’m putting all the jelly beans on Scary Island, when Kelly Killoren Bensimon ostensibly suffered an actual mental breakdown. Sorry, Aviva—please don’t throw your leg at me or any tables near me.

Does it matter that Aviva’s leg lob was so clearly coached and wedged into the conversation?

Absolutely not. Aviva claimed on Access Hollywood that the stem toss was organic—or, as she put it, “a knee-jerk reaction” (badumbum). But if you’re looking for télévision vérité during Real Housewives, I’ve got some of Kelly’s satchels of gold to sell you.

When will Andy Cohen run out of leg puns?

As of last night’s Watch What Happens Live aftershow, the Bravo ringmaster showed no signs of stopping. Apparently the Clubhouse writers were running themselves ragged.

Will Le Cirque re-use that soiled table cloth?

If they’re smart, they’ll sell it on eBay. There are some really desperate, trashy people out there. [Exits out of post, checks eBay immediately]