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Watch outtakes from Dave Franco and Conan O'Brien's Tinder bit

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Conan Dave Franco Tinder

Conan O’Brien recently enlisted Dave Franco to go on a Tinder adventure with him. The stars set up profiles using fake names—Chip Whitley for O’Brien; Djengus Roundstone for Franco—and new profile pictures, then got to it. And by “got to it,” we mean they tried very hard to find a woman who would agree to meet up with them.

Franco and O’Brien did end up meeting with a fellow Tinder user—and even managed to lure her into their creepy, duct tape-filled van. But the most amusing part of the bit was watching the two craft their profiles, and luckily, O’Brien’s team just released bonus footage from their Tinder brainstorming session.

In the outtakes, O’Brien debates how young is too young, calls Franco an a–hole, and tries out some of his less-than-charming pick-up lines. (Example: “Your face seems asymmetrical, but things might work out eventually.”) Moral of the story? Don’t go to Conan for dating advice.