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'The Walking Dead'

What to expect from AMC’s hit show in the coming season

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We gave it a B+

Unlike previous seasons that have picked up several months later, season 5 of Dead will take us back to Terminus soon after the events that led to Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Daryl (Norman Reedus) & Co. being trapped in train car A. And while there have been clues leading many to believe that their captors at Terminus are cannibals, exec producer Robert Kirkman insists there are still some surprises in store. ”There’s a lot of big revelations that haven’t really come out that I think people are going to be pretty startled by,” says Kirkman. ”There’s a couple of other revelations that people might’ve gotten a little bit of a lead on. We’ll definitely be defining those in some cool ways, and confirming some theories and shooting down others, which is very exciting.” Also exciting is the addition of The Wire star Seth Gilliam, who may or may not be playing a priest from the comic book named Father Gabriel. ”He’s playing a character that’s very integral to the future of The Walking Dead,” teases Kirkman. ”Who he is is possibly a very large hint to where the story is going to go, if you’ve read the comic-book series.” Amen.