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'Big Brother': Evicted contestant is...

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UPDATE: My full recap is live! Devin and Caleb started the house as strong competitors, quickly establishing their ability to perform in competitions and forming the core of a seemingly powerful alliance.

Flash forward a couple weeks. The Bomb Squad exploded onto itself. Caleb went crazy for Amber. Devin just went crazy, crazy, crazy. Devin was the clear target this week. But Caleb’s increasingly stalker-ish behavior began to turn people against him. Caleb agreed to go on the block and agreed to throw a competition–two classic signs of eviction-episode surprise departures.

And yet: People really wanted to kick out Devin. So who went home?



Despite lots of last-minute about back-backdooring Caleb, in the end the house voted strongly against Devin, sending the Dwayne Johnson lookalike out the door with an 11-0 vote.

My full recap is live here!