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Hear Diddy go techno with Guy Gerber on 'Tourist Trap'

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Diddy Guy Gerber

The words “tasteful” and “Diddy” don’t often appear in close proximity to each other. But while rap artists from Waka Flocka Flame to Lil Jon have been stampeding toward the massive, transcendently un-subtle sounds of big-room EDM, the erstwhile Puff Daddy is approaching dance music through the rather restrained sounds of classic techno. Recently he teamed up with producer Guy Gerber for a new project, the enigmatically named 11 11, which finds the hip-hop mogul collaborating on dark, lean beats that seem custom-made for hyper-exclusive Berlin dance clubs or as mood music in a luxury hotel room.

Two weeks ago the pair unveiled the first track from their partnership, “My Heart.” Today they released a new track called “Tourist Trap” that’s nearly seven minutes of tense, hard-driving techno with the icy reverb and Kraftwerkian overtones of the genre’s early Detroit roots and some surprisingly hard raps from the pitch-shifted Mr. Sean Combs himself.