July 11, 2014 at 10:26 PM EDT

Masters of Sex

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A few months back, a video featuring strangers kissing went viral. Remember that one? Of course you do. It’s called First Kiss and it was directed by Tatia Pilieva.

Now, Pilieva is back with Undress Me. This time, she’s asking 20 strangers to undress each other (in pairs, let’s not get crazy here) as an ad for Masters of Sex, which returns to Showtime Sunday, July 13.

The video opens with a man sitting in bed saying, “It’s nerve-racking,” and then the text: “In 1957, William Masters and Virginia Johnson began asking men and women to undress for science. In 2014, we celebrate with 20 strangers undressing each other for fun.” And so the fun, and awkwardness, begins.

The strangers stand a few feet apart from one another, keeping their distance, similar to a middle school dance. They make stiff small talk, but finally take the plunge. Close your eyes, kids! For some, it’s endearing (an older woman is just plain smooth). For others, it’s embarrassing (one man rips a woman’s trousers). The couples ultimately end up in bed with one another, with mixed results: a handful proceed to kiss and cozy up, while others lay in bed next to each other but not, er, engaging.

Proceed with caution, voyeurs—the video is NSFW-ish:

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