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The Name Game

It’s not just parents taking naming notes from ”Game of Thrones” (peekaboo, baby Aryas!); the HBO hit has also become an inspiration for series creators in search of a memorable title; with the latest soundalike, Bravo’s ”Game of Crowns,” debuting July 13 at 9 p.m., we round up the namesakes — and which Westeros residents would be fans

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Game of Crowns, Bravo
Premise Pageant wives balance the struggles of marriage with the stress of choosing the perfect outfit for the swimsuit competition.
Thrones Match Competitive moms conquering obstacles in order to reign supreme? As if Cersei Baratheon hasn’t already bought a case of Riesling and set her DVR season pass.

Game of Arms, AMC
Premise Five regional arm-wrestling clubs take viewers inside the underground world of bicep brawling.
Thrones Match Certainly the Mountain would be a fan, but Jaime Lannister is more likely the target audience here. (Maybe Bronn and the Kingslayer will tackle this combat sport after the sword-fighting lessons are over!)

Game of Stones, Discovery
Premise ”Extreme gem hunter” Don Kogen searches the planet for rare and precious rocks.
Thrones Match It’s a multiscreen experience for Lady Olenna, Westeros’ resident jewelry expert and closeted gemologist (probs). She’s watching, tweeting, and attending Chromic-Con.