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Chris Colfer talks his Twitter getting hacked: 'It sucked'

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Talk about a rough landing: Chris Colfer was getting off an hours-long flight from London to L.A. when he found out his Twitter had been hacked and the hacker had told the entire internet that Colfer was let go from Glee. “It sucked,” Colfer–who is definitely not let go from Glee–told Jessica Shaw in an Entertainment Weekly Radio interview.

“Whoever this A-hole was that did this knew that I was going to be on this plane and I couldn’t be reached,” Colfer said. “So as soon as I landed, my phone just exploded.” Colfer wasn’t the only hacking victim though: Someone also logged into Glee co-star Lea Michele’s account and tweeted that the actress was pregnant — also not true.

“I tweeted at her and I said, ‘Hey, if you need a babysitter, apparently I’ll be available,'” Colfer joked. “At least we’re in it together.”

Listen to the clip below: