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You weren't invited to Taylor Swift's Fourth of July party, but Lena Dunham and Emma Stone were

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So okay, you’re probably going, “Is this, like, a Noxzema commercial or what?” But seriously, Taylor Swift actually has a way normal life for a 24-year-old millionaire pop-country songstress. She goes to the beach with her famous friends on the Fourth of July…


… and makes patriotic snacks with Jaime King and Australian model Amanda Griffith…


… and shoots photos of King balancing on her husband, director Kyle Newman…


… and takes boat rides with the whole crew, including Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield…


… and makes extra Pinterest-friendly pie (the secret ingredient: feelings)…


… and launches herself down a giant slip ‘n’ slide as a curious baby looks on…


… and finally, poses for a family portrait with, amongst others, King, Griffith, Stone, Lena Dunham, Jessica Szohr of Gossip Girl, Odeya Rush of the upcoming film The Giver (which costars Swift), and singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson, whose songs have definitely been stuck in your head thanks to one commercial or another.


They’re the kids in America, and they definitely had more fun than you this weekend. Wish upon a falling star, though, and you might score an invite to Tay-Tay’s Labor Day bash. I hear she and Lorde are gonna make nachos.