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Every time Bob says 'oh my god' on 'Bob's Burgers'

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Besides the ability to make great puns about hamburgers, Bob Belcher doesn’t have much going for him. His rent is high, his kids are rambunctious and insufferable, and something seems to go wrong every week. And yet, Bob faces the world with the same stoic cry: “Oh my god!”

The Huffington Post has collected all of Bob’s outbursts from Bob’s Burgers into one glorious supercut, and the range of emotion from H. Jon Benjamin is pretty incredible–he nails the subtle difference between the “I drank from a lizard’s butt” oh my god and the  “we’re screwed, we’re screwed, we’re really, really, really screwed” oh my god.

For reference, fans of Bob’s Burgers have also put together a supercut of every time Linda Belcher says “all right!”:

And every one of Tina’s moans:

Now all we need are Gene and Louise supercuts, and we’ll have the whole Belcher family. If someone edited all those together, we bet it would sound as beautiful as erotic friend fiction.