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Martin Freeman says 'Sherlock' is 'likely' to return in 2015

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Finding a large enough gap in the respective calendars of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman so they can film more episodes of Sherlock has been no elementary task for the show’s producers over the past couple of years, given the pair’s increasingly full schedules. But Fargo and Hobbit star Freeman has told the U.K. newspaper The Telegraph it “looks pretty likely” the pair will reunite early next year to shoot a special Christmas episode of the beloved Conan Doyle adaptation. “I’m speaking off-message here [but] I think that might be for next Christmas,” said the actor, who plays Holmes’ detective partner and verbal punching bag, Dr. Watson, on the show. “That’s what I understand.”

The last season of Sherlock, which PBS broadcast earlier in the year, ended on a cliff-hanger as TV screens were filled with face of Holmes’ arch-foe, the late—or maybe not—Moriarty (Andrew Scott).