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Watch OK Go's mindbending new music video

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Ok Go

You’ll never believe your eyes, again and again and again. And hey! There’s also a song playing.

OK Go has made a name for themselves for their viral music videos, setting their music to everything from a choreographed treadmill routine to the motions of an incredibly detailed Rube Goldberg machine. Their latest video for “The Writing’s on the Wall” is no slouch in the viral department, moving between several sets of optical illusions over the course of one four-minute shot.

Rolling Stone reports that the video took over three weeks to assemble and more than 50 takes to get right. It features everything from flattening tricks of perspective in the style of artist Felice Varini to hidden messages revealed only when viewed at just the right angle. Okay, OK Go, we get it, you control the secrets to going viral.

The band’s next album, Hungry Ghosts, is due in October. Watch the video below.