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'Star Fox' Wii U: Nintendo bringing back space franchise

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Star Fox

The rumors were true: Nintendo is bringing one of its oldest franchises to the Wii U. Of course, most of the rumors going into this year’s E3 focused on the possibility of a new Legend of Zelda. But according to an article at Time that posted ahead of today’s Nintendo Digital Event, the company is planning to showcase a new game starring Star Fox, aka Fox McCloud, the sci-fi adventurer who flies around space taking down bad guys in his Arwing. (Except when he hangs out with dinosaurs for some reason.)

According to the Time piece, the new Wii U Star Fox will utilize the Wii U Gamepad in all kinds of ways, including a motion control element that seems designed to either shut up the Gamepad skeptics or provide further fuel for their skepticism. There’s also a multiplayer element involving a new helicopter craft. (The ArCopter? The HeliFoxter?)

Star Fox is an intriguing choice for Nintendo. Where the Super Mario and Legend of Zelda franchises contain several of the most beloved games ever made, the Star Fox legend mostly rests on single game: Star Fox 64, the gorgeous and addictive 1997 game that followed through on all the promise of the original SNES Star Fox and remains one of the best flying games ever, full stop. (Star Fox 64 is the source of the immortal phrase “Do a Barrel Roll” and also the source of knowing that Slippy is the worst.)

The franchise had a couple of comparatively disappointing GameCube entries; the last new Star Fox was a DS game released eight years ago. But Fox has lived as one of the lead figures in the Super Smash Brothers franchise, where he’s long been a favorite character of players who enjoy meat-and-potatoes fighting strategy and not just firing cheap lightning bolts all the time, GO HOME PIKACHU NO ONE LIKES YOU.

Expect possible updates on Star Fox Wii U Hopefully No Dinosaurs This Time (working title) after Nintendo Digital Event at 9 AM PST.