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Louis C.K. tells the true story behind 'In the Woods'

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Louis CK
KC Bailey/FX

Monday night’s feature film-length Louie, dubbed “In the Woods,” was experimental — but the part about how young Louis got his trees was true.

The comedian has previously developed and performed stand-up about the time when, as a pot-obsessed teenager, he found a dealer who promised to give him an ounce of pot in exchange for stealing a scale from one of his science classes. When C.K. obliged, the dealer then promised him more pot — if he stole more. The 13-year-old ended up stealing 14 scales, then smoking all the pot himself.

Monday’s episode revolved around the same anecdote, though it took a much darker tone. The science teacher (played by Skipp Sudduth, and named Mr. Hoffman; “In the Woods” was dedicated to late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman) became a mentor turned disappointed father figure, and the drug dealer (Jeremy Renner) became a near-ridiculous cat lover. And while the 90-minute episode veered into dark territory about childhood mistakes, C.K.’s earlier stand-up routine looks back more fondly on the incident: “For the whole year, I was stealing scales and smoking the dope…It was awesome. It might today be the best part of my life.”

Listen to the routine below, which ends with C.K.’s brief reflection on his guilt: “I always say to myself: I owe that school fourteen scales. I should go buy ’em and give ’em to them…but I ain’t gonna do it.”