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George R. R. Martin joins Twitter, tweets about not tweeting

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George R R Martin
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

George R. R. Martin has just entered a land far more terrifying than the place beyond the Wall: Twitter.

The Game of Thrones maester has joined the social medium with the handle @GRRMspeaking, and his first tweet essentially laid bare his plans for, well, not tweeting. (Oh, you say that now, George, but just you wait…)

And before you cry direwolf, Martin’s presence on Twitter (where there are a few dozen impersonators) was verified by Random House:

Martin used the first tweet to plug his LiveJournal, which he continues to actively use every few days. (Coincidentally a recent posting touched on the very idea that he is vehemently “NOT ON TWITTER.”)

You might be wondering how to react to this lovely social media news. Perhaps you are eager with anticipation for the next major GoT massacre so you can tweet your despair directly to the source. Or maybe you’re horrified at the idea of Martin spending 45 seconds a day to tweet because of how much it might delay The Winds of Winter (and to you I say, calm down, boo). The reason to get excited, though, is just the idea that Martin will now be able to directly respond to geek news du jour, much like we look to Neil deGrasse Tyson to offer his take on science news or George Takei to share Star Trek memes.

Personally, I’m going to tweet one emoji a day at Martin and see if I can’t convince him to name a character after my perseverance (Ser Twodancinggirls).