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How Swede It Is

Greg Poehler is an international man of romance on the offbeat comedy ”Welcome To Sweden”

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Welcome to one of the quirkiest and unlikeliest shows of the summer: Greg Poehler (yes, Amy’s younger brother) is the creator-writer-producer-star of NBC’s Welcome to Sweden, a semiautobiographical (and partially subtitled) comedy about a New York-based accountant to the stars who has found the Swedish girl of his dreams and is now moving to her homeland. (Season 1 recently finished airing in Sweden.) Before you enter the Poehler vortex, here’s what you should know.

1. The Show’s Premise Came From A Familiar Place: His Own Life.
”The first night I met my wife, she said to me, ‘Would you ever consider moving to Sweden?’ and I was like, ‘Yeahhh! I would love to!’ I was just trying to have sex with her. I would’ve said anything,” the former lawyer and current Stockholm resident recounts, laughing. ”I had to go home and look up Sweden on a map and figure out where it was afterward. I had to get ready for the second date.”

2. Will Ferrell, Aubrey Plaza, Gene Simmons, and Amy Poehler (Who Serves As An Exec Producer) All Pop Up.
”When I wrote what I wanted the show to be in the synopsis, I did put in ‘And the show is going to have American cameos,”’ Poehler recalls. ”I think [Amy] saw, ‘Oh, s—, I’m going to have to contact all my friends, so I might as well produce this thing.”’

3. You’ll Be Glued To The Bottom Of Your Screen. At Least Some Of The Time.
”I realized that Americans aren’t super-excited about reading while watching TV. Even my parents are like, ‘Awww, man — we have to read?’ So we tried to keep [subtitles] to a minimum. Still, it’s an interesting comedic device to have people talking in front of someone and them not understanding.”