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Drake drops new single, hints at album release date

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Dan Martensen

Rapper, Canadian, Saturday Night Live double-threat, and future ESPYs host Drake dropped a fresh song late last night. It’s called “0 to 100 / The Catch Up,” and it is as clear an elucidation of Drake’s state of mind as there is in his catalog. 

The first part, “0 to 100,” is a fantastically braggadocious freestyle-type jam, which finds Drake claiming “If I ain’t the greatest/ Then I’m headed for it” over a spooky-sparse drone of a beat (it has the same kind of heroic-sounding minimalist menace that underscored “Started From the Bottom”).

The second part, “The Catch Up,” brings the dreamier side of Drake. With the assistance of a gauzy beat, Drake settles into his signature spit-croon and slings some “We been here” verses. It’s a mellower jam, though it does have a gauntlet-dropping couplet: “Been on the move like the lease is up/ And I can’t even name one person that’s keeping up.” Give the whole thing a listen below.


Despite his clear skill, knack for off-kilter production (much of which is provided by in-house genius Noah “40” Shebib), and his incredible ability to walk the line between silly and serious, Drake’s albums can sometimes be a slog. But he’s responsible for some truly smashing singles, and these off-the-cuff drops are as thought-provoking and head-nod-inducing as anything on hip-hop radio.

In “The Catch Up,” he teases that something big is coming—possibly his next album?—in the spring of 2015, but he can go ahead and unleash one of these a month until the end of time and everybody would probably be cool with that.