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The Janoskians get a movie deal: Meet the viral YouTube stars

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The Janoskians

Ready to feel old? Not just “I don’t understand all the hype about The Fault in Our Stars” old, but “How am I not dead I’m so ancient” old? Enter the Janoskians.

The Janoskians (their name is short for Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation) are a group of Australian teen pranksters whose videos have racked up over 110 million views worldwide (record scratch). The group has been  featured on various MTV shows around the world. Today, they’ve taken the next step to world domination: Lionsgate signed on to develop a feature film star vehicle (in the vein of the successful Jackass movies) for the group, according to Deadline. Time to learn about these five teens who might just become major film stars.

Who are these crazy kids?

The Janoskians are Beau Brooks (20), Jai Brooks (19), Luke Brooks (19), Daniel Sahyounie (a.k.a. Skip, 19), and James Yammouni (18). The three Brooks are brothers; Luke and Jai are twins.

So, it’s a bunch of cute teens? Like a boy band?

The “boy band” thing is certainly part of the appeal (and the accents don’t hurt). They have released a music video or two in the past, including the song “Set This World on Fire” in September 2012 after signing with Sony Music Australia. Their most recent song is this month’s “Real Girls Eat Cake.” Their songs — which are comedy-based as opposed to musical — are cute, but also dirty, which differentiates them from, say, The Wanted or One Direction.

Okay — but they’re best-known as pranksters, not singers?

They’re best known for their prank videos, which involve them doing crazy things and waiting for other people/adults’ confused reactions. Lots of swearing and bathroom humor is also typically at play. Example:

Who would find this funny?

So many people! Their YouTube channel has over 1.5 million subscribers, and when they attempted Ellen’s dance dare, the resulting video had more than 3 million views. They even shut down Times Square earlier this year when thousands of teens heard about a meet-and-greet and descended.

I want to see this in action. Is that possible?

The group is currently working on their second world tour of sorts (and are coming through the United States this summer/fall). Last month they signed with Jay Sean‘s label in L.A. and are working to put together a show that combines their songs as well as their pranks and the viral aspects of their videos.

Are they in any way related to other teen acts I might have actually heard about?

We’re all connected, man. Jai Brooks dates Ariana Grande, who you know as a Song of Summer contender for “Problem.” One Direction-er Liam Payne thinks the pranks are hilarious; naturally, a YouTube video of Payne watching a YouTube video of their pranks has over a million views, because apparently all teens do now is pick and choose more teens to become famous and the whole house of cards is about one move away from collapsing in on itself.

Twist! I’m loving everything I learn about these goofs. How can I let the world know I’m a fan?

Call yourself a Janoskianator, but be forewarned: Janoskianators write a lot of fanfiction about the band.