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Would You Like Some Extra Prose on That Burrito?

Chipotle is turning its cups into blank pages for great authors; there’s one for every appetite, whether you like mild, spicy — or extra cheesy

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Last time you went to Chipotle, the most exciting reading material was probably the calorie count next to the carnitas burrito. But on May 15, the Mexican-food chain announced a new initiative called Cultivating Thought, which will plaster deep-thinking essays and quotations on Chipotle’s drink cups and to-go bags. The project was the idea of Jonathan Safran Foer, one of 10 writers — including Toni Morrison, Sarah Silverman, and Judd Apatow — offering tiny prose pieces for your brain to snack on while your mouth is busy with chips and guac. Check out some excerpts below, plus our reviews written on — duh — takeout cups. Warning: The following literature may cause a sudden craving for fajitas.

Judd Apatow, Two Minutes of Rambling Wisdom
Excerpt ”Now I create stories and hope that 500 out of 500 people will appreciate the work. That is impossible. I don’t love most things I see or listen to, why should they?”
EW Review Apparently Mexican food gives this funnyman existential heartburn. His essay about love and acceptance reads like an over-earnest monologue from This is 40. C

Toni Morrison, Two-Minute Seduction
Excerpt ”Lying there, collapsed under trees bordering the mansion of the famous one I saw a butterfly broken by the slam of a single raindrop on its wings fold and flutter as it hit a pool of water still fighting for the lift that is its nature.”
EW Review Morrison’s micro-romance is pretty cryptic, and terms like ”dessicated,” ”slobbering,” and ”red froth” are tough to swallow when you’re biting into a steak taco. B-

Jonathan Safran Foer, Two-Minute Personality Test
Excerpt ”Are you in any way angry at your phone? When you pass a storefront, do you look at what’s inside, look at your reflection, or neither?”
EW Review This oddball quiz won’t tell you which burrito to order. (Or solve the eternal conundrum: black or pinto?) But it will provide food for thought while you wait for your grub. A

Sarah Silverman, Two-Minute Index
Excerpt ”There’s no way my heart can handle what’s in an email labeled ELEPHANTS REUNITING AFTER 20 YRS.”
EW Review Less a short story than a bullet-point poem, Silverman’s contribution is a collection of some of the comedian’s best tweets and zingers — funny, raunchy, and weirdly insightful. B+