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Feedback: May 30/June 6, 2014

Your thoughts about HBO’s ”The Normal Heart,” anticipation for ”Star Wars: Episode VII,” and more

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Men on a Mission
Looking forward to watching The Normal Heart. It truly belongs on HBO, the channel behind And the Band Played On, another drama about the early years of the AIDS epidemic. Congratulations to Larry Kramer and Ryan Murphy for bringing the story to the screen.
Meredith Peruzzi
Vienna, Va.

Wars and Remembrance
I almost went into congestive heart failure and grabbed a defibrillator after reading your coverage of the casting for Star Wars: Episode VII. The fact that this nostalgia is happening all over again is one of the greatest gifts I could ever ask for. The Force is with you, EW. It’s up to you to report every factoid to keep this superfan appeased until Dec. 18, 2015. No pressure.
David Volovick
Lexington, Mass.

Of Coppolas and Corleones
I loved reading the Coppola family tree (Movies), but as comprehensive as it was, you somehow overlooked Carmine Coppola’s younger brother, Anton, uncle to Francis! Anton conducted the score for The Godfather Part III and even makes an appearance in that movie as an opera conductor!
Claire Brantley

Thank you so much for giving the criminally underrated The Godfather Part III an A on the occasion of its latest video release (DVD). I have long considered this film an unheralded masterpiece. This tragic tale of a weak, sick, redemption-seeking Michael Corleone drawn into a clandestine web of intrigue never fails to move me.
Charles Hoffman
Van Nuys, Calif.

I Do Want to See That!
I was excited to find Lisa Kudrow’s Valerie Cherish in the middle of The Bullseye. I missed the news of The Comeback‘s official renewal, and when I saw the caption ”Well, we got it!” I literally jumped for joy. It’ll be so satisfying to find out what Val has been doing over the past 10 years, and all the buzz surrounding The Comeback‘s comeback makes me feel vindicated for being so obsessed with it during its original run.
Zack Bennett
Smyrna, Tenn.

Overstaying Their Welcome
Now that the TV season is over, we wouldn’t mind if these characters took a permanent vacation — and readers were on board

The Mindy Project
As likable as he is, once Adam Pally came, his usefulness was gone. —Lisa

Grey’s Anatomy
She is definitely annoying. Alex deserves better. —SLB

The entire cast
It hasn’t been the same since season 1. Finn was its heart and soul. —Ella

He was one of my faves, but where do you take him from here? —Annie Sisk

The New Dark Knight Unveiled!
Director Zack Snyder just posted a pic from the set of his superhero smackdown, 2016’s Batman vs. Superman, on Twitter. Whatever their opinions of the man inside the suit, Ben Affleck, readers were fairly bullish on the suit itself.

I feel even better about the casting now. He looks like Frank Miller’s Batman: aging, hunched, kind of paunchy, big Bat emblem. —Uosdwis r. JewoH

Holy crap, that’s totally bulked out. You’d almost think that Bruce Wayne had been hit with a dose of gamma rays. —Jake Langkowski

I prefer the long ears of the Arkham videogames and the blockier bat symbol of the Nolan costumes, but I can’t deny this looks good. —CD

Approved! This reminds me of the retro-modernist look of Watchmen that I’ve always enjoyed so much. —LivingGrace912