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'Bones' season finale recap: What now?

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Patrick McElhenney/FOX


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Drama, Crime
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David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel
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A dark, scary cloud of paranoia loomed over tonight’s season finale of Bones as a the team unraveled a conspiracy. They could trust no one, they had to consider everyone outside of the inner circle a threat, and as Booth pursued his high-profile promotion within the FBI, they had more than ever on the line.

That promotion, in fact, became a huge liability. During his hearing with the committee, a bribed congressman, with whom Booth had assumed he was friends, came down hard on Booth, resulting in him being put on administrative leave — possibly indefinitely. And when Booth confronted the congressman about the betrayal, Booth suddenly found himself with a team from Delta Force after him.

With trained killers on his trail, Booth wasted no time Home Alone-ing his and Brennan’s home. He planted bombs, guns, and the such. Very impressive. Very scary. And very sexy.

When the men arrived to take Booth down, thus began one of the show’s most impressive and anxiety-inducing action sequences to date. (Kudos to director David Boreanaz.)

Booth took the men down — with help from Brennan, who’d returned to the house against Booth’s wishes after getting their daughter to safety. But he was severely injured in the process. (His injuries were first shown to you in this exclusive clip earlier this week.)

For now, Booth seems to be out of danger. But other trouble is afoot — he was last seen handcuffed to his hospital bed for killing the agents. And then Brennan was cuffed, too.

We’ve seen Booth and Brennan in bad predicaments before, but this could be their craziest predicament yet.