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The Revenge of 'MADtv'

Fox’s bygone sketch series ”MADtv” may have been the also-ran to ”Saturday Night Live” throughout its 14 seasons, but today (five years after its final episode aired) the show’s alums are taking center stage

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1. Jordan Peele, 2005-08
Maddest Moment Peele hammed it up as mundane supervillain Kilbrain the Fury.
Where to Find Him Now Sending up everyone from President Obama to Lil Wayne on Comedy Central’s Key & Peele.

2. Alex Borstein, 1997-2002
Maddest Moment If you didn’t dig the mysteriously accented manicurist Miss Swan, well, you probably weren’t a big MADtv fan.
Where to Find Her Now She’s on HBO’s comedy Getting On, and voices Lois on Fox’s Family Guy.

3. Simon Helberg, 2002-03
Maddest Moment His brief but memorable stint included “The Queen of Queens,” a spoof of the CBS School of Sitcom Arts. Which is ironic, since…
Where to Find Him Now …Helberg stars on the CBS blockbuster The Big Bang Theory. Perhaps this was MADtv‘s evil-genius plan all along?

4. Keegan-Michael Key, 2005-09
Maddest Moment His Coach Hines — the high school athletics adviser with a short temper and even shorter shorts — was a key (hey-o!) part of the series.
Where to Find Him Now Shouting to his heart’s content as Obama’s anger translator, Luther, on Key & Peele.

5. Mo Collins, 1998-2005
Maddest Moment She was the show’s Kristen Wiig, with a knack for faces and personalities — most notably Midwestern mom Lorraine Swanson.
Where to Find Her Now On NBC’s Parks and Rec as Pawnee’s gotcha journalist, Joan Callamezzo.

6. Taran Killam, 2001-02
Maddest Moment At 19, Killam was the cast’s youngest-ever player. His best hits included TRL-y fare, like a goofy *NSYNC parody.
Where to Find Him Now Team Lorne Michaels — Killam crossed over to rival SNL, where he’s been a presence since 2010.

7. Ike Barinholtz, 2003-07
Maddest Moment Our faves: tired superhero Astroman, Britney ex K-Fed, and, improbably, Desperate Housewives‘ Felicity Huffman.
Where to Find Him Now He’s a standout on Fox’s The Mindy Project as registered nurse/resident busybody Morgan.

8. Orlando Jones, 1995-97
Maddest Moment He frequently flaunted tiny Speedos as Dexter St. Croix, musical director of “Cabana Chat.”
Where to Find Him Now Westchester County! Jones plays the most underpaid police captain in America on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow.

9. Andy Daly, 2001-02
Maddest Moment He embodied an impressive array of ’90s celebs, from Matt LeBlanc to Tony Blair.
Where to Find Him Now As a “life reviewer” on Comedy Central’s Review.

10. Frank Caliendo, 2001-06
Maddest Moment Over-the-top impersonations of George W. Bush and John Madden earned him mad (sorry!) props.
Where to Find Him Now Pretty much anywhere sports bros gather. His football-friendly humor is a mainstay on ESPN.