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Jennifer Lawrence plays Box of Lies with Jimmy Fallon

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Jennifer Lawrence
Nathaniel Chadwick/NBC

Thursday night, Jimmy Fallon did what many of us aspire to do one day: Play a silly game with Jennifer Lawrence.

The X-Men star went on The Tonight Show for a round of Box of Lies, a game first played by Fallon and Tina Fey last year. Here’s how it works: Lawrence and Fallon sit across from each other with a divider between them. There’s a hole carved out so they can see each other’s faces. One person chooses a box, which contains a mystery item, and tells the other either what she’s holding or a lie. It’s up to the opponent to guess whether the speaker is lying. For example: Fallon told Lawrence he had a Backstreet Boys doll when really he had an Uncle Jesse doll. Then he made out with the box, which is obviously what you do when you have an Uncle Jesse doll in your possession.

Lawrence is charming as ever in the clip as she gets distracted doing impressions with Fallon and shows off her not-so-intimidating game face. Watch the video below: