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'Supernatural' recap: Dean-tatorship

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Dean Winchester, what have you done?

Not one week after Dean took his blade to Abaddon, Dean Winchester and his FB-BFF (First Blade Best Friend Forever) have struck again. This week’s casualties? Gadreel, who before death was ready to help them defeat Metatron, and Tessa the Reaper.

To be fair, though, Tessa’s death wasn’t technically Dean’s fault. She impaled herself in the blade. (Read our interview with Lindsey McKeon here, by the way.)

Nicole Kidman, Eyes Wide Shut

But if Dean hadn’t brought the blade with him in the first place — as Sam suggested — the whole situation could have been avoided.

In fact, a lot of messiness in this episode, the last before the season finale, could have been avoided if some people had put more thought into their actions. For example, Gadreel should have never gotten on board with Team Metatron and if he hadn’t, he never would have recruited the “double agents” angels who were brainwashed into killing themselves and had to deal with even more guilt than he was already carrying. Also, Castiel and his sensible shoes really should have never taken Metatron’s manipulative phone call — the one that turned Castiel’s army against him — on speaker phone, so to speak. Never give your enemy an open line to your supporters, Cas. Has all the pop culture that was uploaded into your brain taught you nothing?

Meanwhile, Sam seems to be dealing with the whole my brother’s being controlled by a powerful supernatural rage thing pretty well. Honestly, I expected him to put up a little bit more of a fight when Dean declared their new dynamic as a “dictatorship.” Perhaps, though, he feels like there’s no point in arguing with Dean at this point? I hope he has some sort of plan, however. Because Dean’s kind of a rage monster and a jerk when he’s all juiced up.

Nicole Kidman, Birthday Girl

At this current time, I’m up for any solution short of cutting off his arm. It’s such a nice arm.

Elsewhere, it was a great week for QUOTEABLES. Here are my favorites:

Sam: ‘Agents Spears and Aguilera’?

Cas: I’ve noticed your aliases are usually names of popular musicians.

Dean: Wow

Lady angel: Commander!

Dean: [under his breath] It’s just creepy

Sam: You have a roll call?

Cas: They like to hear me say their names.

Dean: I know a couple of women like that.

“It’d still be you — a nerd trying to be one of the popular kids.” — Angel to Metatron

Tessa: So you’re here? Why? Just love musical theater?

Dean: Only if it’s Fiddler.

“I’m very pop culture savvy now.” — Cas

“Sure, you’re Mother Theresa with neck beard.” — Dean to Metatron

Castiel: You really believe we three will be enough?

Dean: We always have been.


Nicole Kidman, The Human Stain


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