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Moms' Night Out

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MOMMA NO Perhaps moms should stay in for this one.

Mom's Night Out

Current Status:
In Season
98 minutes
Wide Release Date:
Sean Astin, Sarah Drew, Patricia Heaton
TriStar Pictures

We gave it a C-

Somewhere between a Lifetime movie and a Nickelodeon sitcom exists Moms’ Nights Out, a raunch-free romp made to be suffered through by the whole family. What this PG comedy lacks in cursing, it also comes up short on plot, character development, originality, and overall pleasure.

Sarah Drew plays Allyson, a young mother tightly wound to preposterous degree who, lacking inspiration for her mommy blog, plans a dinner with her best friend (Andrea Logan White) and the local pastor’s wife (Patricia Heaton, who also produced). But oh, aren’t we in for a treat because when moms go out and dads are left to watch the kids, zany things happen!

Your enjoyment of Moms’ Night Out hinges entirely on whether you find humor in such wacky occurrences as screwing up a dinner reservation (oh no!) or visiting a tattoo parlor (the drama!). The low-impact plot relies on fleeting turns from folks including Sean Astin and Trace Adkins, who exist only to deliver the film’s arbitrary religious sermon. It’s a shame that this glossy production doesn’t seem to realize it’s actually promoting an altogether different message: when moms dare to leave the house, everything goes wrong. C?