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'Godzilla': Fiat destruction 'didn't actually happen'

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Movie tie-ins: They’re usually terrible, right? (Exception goes to all those great Happy Meal toys of yore.) So there was some expected eye-rolling when the Godzilla-themed commercial for the four-door Fiat 500L launched last week.

OK, so the idea that Godzilla is popping cute little Fiats like they’re Cheetos isn’t so bad. And the line, “He looks like he’s craving Italian” is dorky but humorous. But…

Did you notice that funny little legal disclaimer? The one that says, “Didn’t actually happen” as the King of the Monsters spits out the four-door model? What does it mean?

Do Fiats taste bad? Are the 500Ls choking hazards? Fiats can’t actually drive away after being half-swallowed by giant monsters? Are they trying to tell us Godzilla doesn’t actually exist?

Check out the clip below and tell us your theories.