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'Family Guy': See Cleveland's return

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What happens when a spin-off stops spinning? It’s time to come home. On Sunday’s episode of Family Guy (Fox, 9 p.m.), Cleveland Brown will pop up on Spooner Street, as he’s moving back to the old neighborhood with his family. (Welcome back, Donna, Roberta, Cleveland Jr., and Rallo, too). But this homecoming comes with a hiccup: When Lois and Cleveland’s wife, Donna, get in a fight, they tell their husbands that they can’t hang out anymore. “It’s up to Cleveland and Peter to reconcile the women and see a way to allow these two guys to be friends again,” executive producer Steve Callaghan told EW last fall. And, yes, the episode also mocks The Cleveland Show‘s cancellation. “There’s a scene where the guys pretty mercilessly take shots at Cleveland for striking out on his own and for failing miserably, with not very veiled fourth-wall references to Cleveland’s show,” said Callaghan. Want to see Cleveland reunite with Peter, Quagmire, and Joe, plus the pigment-swapping moment above? Click on the video below.