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'The Mindy Project': Ike Barinholtz teases 'finaltastic' season ender

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As season finale season kicks into high gear, EW reached out to your favorite shows for some unconventional teases. Check out another installment of our Season Finale Survey below:

Show name/My name, title: The Mindy Project, Ike Barinholtz, actor/writer

Russell Hornsby, Playmakers

Finale air date: 5/6/14

Finale Title: “Danny and Mindy”

Number of deaths: 48

One-word tease, presented in any language other than English: Grande

Song I jammed to before my biggest scene: I had Scandavian death rock in my head all that week.

Synopsis in 140 characters or less (yes, a Twitter tease): Mindy and Danny are at a crossroads. Do they end up together? More importantly, what happens with Morgan and Tamra, the REAL heart and soul of the show?

Script tease (a line of dialogue from the episode): “Just go ahead and have another slice of pizza. Have a whole pie why don’t you?” –Morgan to Danny

Location of the show’s most expensive scene: New York City (for real)

Overused finale descriptor that I honestly think applies to this episode: It’s finaltastic!

Watch it live! In fact, if you get our show to trend on Twitter during the finale on either coast, I will… (Choose one.)

A. Tease next season on Twitter after the West Coast airing.

B. Choose a Twitter follower at random to name a character after them next season.

C. Post a snippet of dialogue that ended up on the cutting-room floor. THIS ONE

D. Follow 25 fans on Twitter.

E. ______________________________________________

Serious question: How did the idea for this finale come about? We know it heavily nods to the rom-coms Mindy loves, but how does that theme tie into where we find her in the finale? Mindy took a trope of one of her favorite films and put her weirdo spin on it, making it ridiculous and funny.

Optional: Draw a scene from the finale (or of you REALLY don’t want to, send a picture):