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'Friends' PopWatch Poll: Which ex was the best (and worst)?

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Friends is tearing EW apart.

We can’t decide if Ross really should have been allowed to sleep with another woman during his hours-long break with Rachel. Or if Phoebe’s art piece Gladys was actually less terrifying than Glynnis. Or if Smelly Cat was really that smelly, or whether Bamboozled’s rules actually made sense, or which Friend had the comfiest couch, or what happened to LaPooh, or whether Ben was really alive or just a figment of Ross’ imagination in seasons 1 through 8.

But here’s a doozy that comes with a very loaded set of options: Which Friend’s ex was the best, and who was the worst? As we know, our favorite New Yorkers were not shy when it came to blind dates, one-night stands, or lengthy relationships, leaving fans with a slew of guest stars who were both endearing and/or utterly awful (I’m so over Janine…).

Cases can be made for each and every failed relationship. Does the gold crown go to Tag, whose name was horrible but whose hair was not? Charlie, who may very well have been Ross’ fourth wife if she hadn’t dabbled in Joey? Janice, the queen of Yemen?

Or what about Emily? Richard? Mona? Mark? Fun Bobby? David? Duncan? Joshua? Pete? Elizabeth? Paolo? Julie? Janine? Gary? Bonnie? Kathy? Chip? Parker? Gavin? Tommy? Cheryl? Katie?

The world of Friends exes is pretty monstrous, so we’ve got two polls for you to consider: