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Lily Allen calls out Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Gaga and Lorde in 'Sheezus' video

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Sheezus Video

Lily Allen’s at it again. In her new video for Sheezus, the never-not-opinionated Brit takes aim at reigning pop queens: Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and even sweet little Lorde. (Surprisingly she leaves T-Swift out of it.)

“RiRi isn’t scared of Katy Perry’s roaring, Queen B’s gone back to the drawing/Lorde smells blood yeah, she’s about to slay you/Kid ain’t one to f–k with when she’s only on her debut/ We’re all watching Gaga, LOL haha/Dying for the art so really she’s a martyr.”

Watch it below:

Granted the tone of the song is tongue-in-cheek, so she’s not really telling Bey to “give me that crown, bitch.” (Or is she?) Considering she recently sounded off on woman-on-woman hate, it’s interesting that she went with this chorus.

I guess she wanted to beat us to the punch, when it came to comparing her to these other divas: “I’m ready for all the comparisons/I think it’s dumb and it’s embarrassing/I’m switching off, no longer listening/I’ve had enough of persecution and conditioning.”

Props for working menstruation in there, though. “It makes me angry, I’m serious, but then again, I’m just about to get my period/Periods, we all get periods.”